The following is a collection of sayings from Professor Olavo de Carvalho about forgiveness. “To forgive is always a demonstration of great strength. Forgiveness belongs to kings and judges, not to wet blankets. But there is such a thing as false forgiveness, and it’s nothing but pretentiousness and sentimentality. A man will say ‘I forgive [...]

The Condition of Brazilian Higher Education

On July 23, 2013, Olavo de Carvalho delivered a lecture on the current condition of Brazilian Higher Education.Arlington, Virginia Leadership Institute I am aware that the presence of educators and speakers of various nationalities at this conference would suggest to me the convenience of speaking about universal and borderless themes. However, the situation of [...]


Olavo de Carvalho explains why Liberation Theology is alive and well in Latin America. Olavo de Carvalho July 19, 2016 Part 3 Whoever reads the writings by Gutierrez, Boff, and Betto will easily find out their multiple inconsistencies and contradictions. Those flaws reveal that their thought is not the result of serious theoretical effort, but [...]