Olavo de Carvalho

Easter Meditation

Why meditate on the Passion of the Christ? Because the priest told me to? To fake a goody-goody image? To deliver a beautiful sermon? To suffer for no reason? Nothing like that. Meditate on it because it is the center, the axis around which everything revolves, the only event, since the Creation of the World, which has passed without ever passing; that is happening forever and ever whether you think about it or not.

 Why does bodily suffering, in “The Passion of the Christ”, work?  Have you noticed how discreet, subtle, restrained Jim Caviezel’s expressions of pain are?  The emphasis, there, is not on the pain as such, but on the contrast between brutal humiliation and the divine nobility of the Body of Christ.  It is a dramatic effect, not a physiological exhibitionism.

Olavo de Carvalho
Translated by Daniel Bertorelli

Commentary on Dugin

At the time* I forgot to mention that Professor Dugin didn’t even understand my vision. All he could do was, by chance, capture its similarities with different schools and trends. This led him away from it to a point where it became incomprehensible. Clearly, Professor Dugin is more acquainted with the history of ideas and ideologies than with philosophy itself. When he associates my thoughts with an “American individualism”, he makes the mistake of thinking that my residential address somehow influences a philosophical affiliation. In reality, this American individualism had zero influence over me, precisely because it bases itself in the absurd belief of the atomistic “citizen”, a creature that exists only in a legal form and has nothing to do with “el hombre de carne y hueso” of which Miguel de Unamuno spoke.

*The USA and the New World Order: A Debate Between Alexandr Dugin and Olavo de Carvalho

Translated by Pedro de Carvalho

The New Role Of The Media

The New Role Of The Media, by Olavo de Carvalho

As the media’s authority grows and its reliability decreases, its news function gives way to the spread of clichés and slogans in the service of the New World Order

If the reader is one of those people who, before approving or disapproving, before hating or fearing, before attacking or fleeing, prefer to very modestly understand what is going on, the first favor I ask of you, or rather, the first advice I give you is that you never take as a criterion to measure the veracity or falsehood of what you are going to read in these posts of mine (or in the posts of anyone) the big traditional mainstream print or electronic media in Brazil or anywhere in the world.

The reason for this warning will become very clear over the days, but it does not hurt to summarize it here.

In the course of the past few decades, the ownership of media outlets in all countries has been concentrated in the hands of a few mega billionaire groups, all of whom have been involved in the “New World Order” project up to their necks, and with that, these outlets have radically changed their role in the body of society.

If in the past they existed to inform and opine, competing with each other performing this dual function and underpinning the authority of their opinions in the wealth and variety of informational sections, with the concentration of ownership, competition has become useless and even harmful. The old notion of “scoop” has practically disappeared: what is on in a newspaper (or radio -TV news) goes out on all of them.

Concomitantly, the variety of opinions has been replaced by massive uniformity, which strengthens the group’s authority tremendously, giving the news consensus an air of unquestionable scientific truth (if not divine revelation), as it frees each of these media outlets from all obligation to beat the competition in disputes for greater credibility. The result of this process is clear and visible: the persuasive power of the media increases in direct proportion to its growing and comfortable irresponsibility.

But don’t think that this is the most fearful side of the whole thing. As the media’s authority grows and its reliability decreases, its news function gives way to the spread of clichés and slogans in the service of the New World Order, while, at the same time, the opinion function, in an environment of consensual uniformity that reduces all discussion to a theatrical simulation, it is transformed into a control-of-popular-opinion engineering and, “ipso facto”, into a mechanism of exclusion and censorship of inconvenient facts and ideas.

The masters of the New World Order believe themselves to be a superior race with even more conviction than the Nazis. These did not deny, at least in theory, the human condition of the nations and groups that they oppressed. The NWO men deny it.

The Nazis were nothing original. They started with that superior race conversation at least thirty years after the Milner guy invented a plan to establish world domination of the Anglo-Saxon race. Milner was an evil genius. The Nazis were stupid “monkey see monkey do” people.

Russian communists have also had a plan for world government since Lenin’s time.

The two plans – the Anglo-American and the Russian – worked (kind of) well. We will now see if the superior Chinese race will shove it up their asses.

Olavo de Carvalho
January 27, 2021
Translated by Daniel Bertorelli