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“Machiavelli or the Demonic Confusion”, by Olavo de Carvalho.
First official translation into English!

“My book (The Garden of Afflictions, 1995) starts by talking about the Garden of Epicurus, the garden of delights, and ends with a discussion about the modern state, totalitarianism, genocide, and things like that. Now, how does one topic end up becoming those others? What is the guiding thread throughout all that? We start with the Garden of Epicurus, which is a place where the Greek philosopher used to meet with his disciples, usually people from the upper class who fled the word in order to meditate.” 

Olavo de Carvalho, excerpt from the documentary The Garden of Afflictions​


Easter Meditation

Why meditate on the Passion of the Christ? Because the priest told me to? To fake a goody-goody image? To deliver a beautiful sermon?

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Commentary on Dugin

At the time* I forgot to mention that Professor Dugin didn’t even understand my vision. All he could do was, by chance, capture its

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  • Philosopher and writer acknowledged internationally even by critics as one of the most influential Brazilian thinkers and commentators alive
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