Editorial Note

This website is dedicated to the Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho. Organized by his student Mariana Reis and friends, our mission is to introduce Mr. Carvalho’s philosophical work to the American people as well as other non-Portuguese speakers. The translations available so far are the result of the combined effort of each student and volunteer who appreciate Olavo de Carvalho’s work. We apologize in advance for the translations might contain some English mistakes; however, our team will work intensively to improve the quality of the translations and bring out the best results as possible. Translating Mr. Carvalho’s work is a huge challenge not only because of the immense number of writings and articles he has written over the past 50 years but also the profundity of his thoughts.

Mr. Carvalho has published almost 30 books in the Portuguese language, and he has been a best-seller since 1995, when his first book — New Era and the Cultural Revolution — was published. There still are dozens of books written and being edited by the Brazilian book publishing company Vide Editorial. A remarkable genius who masters the Portuguese language, Mr. Olavo is a brilliant professor. Since 2009, he has been teaching at the Philosophy Seminar, his own online school, where more than 7 thousand of his students see how a true philosopher examines questions on Philosophy, Politics, Literature, Science, and History. — for further information, check out the “Books & Courses” section of this website.

After a decade of hard work, Mr. Carvalho’s students are showing a very good performance. They have been writing books of great intellectual value, teaching courses of varied subjects, producing documentaries, movies etc. Somehow we are happy to say that Mr. Carvalho is accomplishing what he has been determined to do since the very beginning: to rescue the high intellectuality in Brazil as well as its high culture — and we expect even greater results in the near future.

Furthermore, Mr. Carvalho has been studying Communism for over 5 decades. The current President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, recognizes Mr. Olavo de Carvalho as the most important and influential person today, whose teachings, political analysis, and books opened the doors for Bolsonaro — a conservative candidate — to win the presidential election in 2018, especially considering that Brazil underwent a 25-year of social-democratic government followed by 16 years of a far-left government.

With the help of this website, we hope that the American people have the opportunity of becoming knowledgeable of the ideas and teachings of Mr. Carvalho. We also expect to have his books published to the American audience in the near future. We hope you all enjoy the content of this website. For any questions or suggestions, please fill out the form available on the “Contact” section and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates.

Mariana Reis • Richmond, VA • April, 2020.