Olavo de Carvalho explains why Liberation Theology is alive and well in Latin America. Olavo de Carvalho July 19, 2016 Part 2 If the child and even its name came ready-made from the KGB, that does not mean that its adoptive parents, Gutierrez, Boff, and Betto have no merit whatsoever in spreading it throughout the [...]

The René Guénon Enigma

The René Guénon Enigma, by Olavo de Carvalho https://open.spotify.com/episode/4DshWcAIcRlEpCfKM0L2Id?si=Ye2DjKDkR2a8Cmmi0UDs8w An author whose penname is “Sphinx” encloses an enigma and a subtle threat in his writings: any reader who is unable to decipher his enigma shall be devoured. René Guénon’s works are indeed enigmatic. They contain a great paradox: on the one hand, the author demonstrates [...]