Olavo de Carvalho

A Memorable Failure

A Memorable Failure, by Olavo de Carvalho The Durban Conference was a farce and a trap. Its failure was the most logical, just, and healthy thing that has happened in international politics in recent years. The conference never… Read More

Christmas meditation

If there is one obvious thing in the world, it is that Christianity is, in its origin, not a doctrine, but a narrative of miraculous facts. Jesus Himself makes this very clear in Matthew 11:1–6, when asked who… Read More

[3/3] Sunrise by F.W. Murnau (1927): Movies and Metaphysics

Olavo de Carvalho January 30, 1997 Translation by Jules Lapprand Access to knowledge of a metaphysical order must first go through a moral and ethical understanding that doesn’t consist in “following” a pre-established moral or ethic, but on… Read More