Easter Meditation

Why meditate on the Passion of the Christ? Because the priest told me to? To fake a goody-goody image? To deliver a beautiful sermon? To suffer for no reason? Nothing like that. Meditate on it because it is the center, the axis around which everything revolves, the only event, since the Creation of the World, […]

Commentary on Dugin

At the time* I forgot to mention that Professor Dugin didn’t even understand my vision. All he could do was, by chance, capture its similarities with different schools and trends. This led him away from it to a point where it became incomprehensible. Clearly, Professor Dugin is more acquainted with the history of ideas and […]

High Treason Under State Protection

High Treason Under State Protection, by Olavo de Carvalho The craziest thing is that no one remembers that the chaos at the Capitol Building was caused by the biggest electoral fraud of all time, an obvious crime of high treason protected by the Senate and the Big Tech. They all wanted to give the impression […]


The following is a collection of sayings from Professor Olavo de Carvalho about forgiveness. “To forgive is always a demonstration of great strength. Forgiveness belongs to kings and judges, not to wet blankets. But there is such a thing as false forgiveness, and it’s nothing but pretentiousness and sentimentality. A man will say ‘I forgive […]

Three Reminders About China

The situation is rather horrible and depressing, but it is not a complex or difficult one to be understood. It can be summed up, without any exaggeration, as follows: Brazil, as an independent nation, no longer exists. Brazil is a Chinese protectorate, governed by a boastful and intolerant ambassador who has all at his own […]