Olavo de Carvalho

Easter Meditation

Why meditate on the Passion of the Christ? Because the priest told me to? To fake a goody-goody image? To deliver a beautiful sermon? To suffer for no reason? Nothing like that. Meditate on it because it is the center, the axis around which everything revolves, the only event, since the Creation of the World, which has passed without ever passing; that is happening forever and ever whether you think about it or not.

 Why does bodily suffering, in “The Passion of the Christ”, work?  Have you noticed how discreet, subtle, restrained Jim Caviezel’s expressions of pain are?  The emphasis, there, is not on the pain as such, but on the contrast between brutal humiliation and the divine nobility of the Body of Christ.  It is a dramatic effect, not a physiological exhibitionism.

Olavo de Carvalho
Translated by Daniel Bertorelli

Commentary on Dugin

At the time* I forgot to mention that Professor Dugin didn’t even understand my vision. All he could do was, by chance, capture its similarities with different schools and trends. This led him away from it to a point where it became incomprehensible. Clearly, Professor Dugin is more acquainted with the history of ideas and ideologies than with philosophy itself. When he associates my thoughts with an “American individualism”, he makes the mistake of thinking that my residential address somehow influences a philosophical affiliation. In reality, this American individualism had zero influence over me, precisely because it bases itself in the absurd belief of the atomistic “citizen”, a creature that exists only in a legal form and has nothing to do with “el hombre de carne y hueso” of which Miguel de Unamuno spoke.

*The USA and the New World Order: A Debate Between Alexandr Dugin and Olavo de Carvalho

Translated by Pedro de Carvalho

High Treason Under State Protection

High Treason Under State Protection, by Olavo de Carvalho

The craziest thing is that no one remembers that the chaos at the Capitol Building was caused by the biggest electoral fraud of all time, an obvious crime of high treason protected by the Senate and the Big Tech. They all wanted to give the impression that the cause of the violence was a couple of innocuous words that came out of Trump. Lunacy has become mandatory.

Investigating the electoral fraud is now forbidden, publicizing it is forbidden, and even saying the word, in any context, is now forbidden. This is pure communist transparency.

Total censorship, mass incarceration, concentration camps, prohibiting air travel, mandatory ideological re-education — these are the promises of the communists in power. Don’t expect from them any consideration, any tolerance, any “normalcy”.

Just yesterday I started noticing the how absurd it was to absolve banker Hjalmar Schacht in the Nuremberg Trial. Schacht, prince of German money, was maybe the second most powerful Nazi after Hitler. His absolution, while some nobodies were condemned, seemed like an incomprehensible mystery to me. Now I have discovered the solution. The man was intimate friends with Montagu Norman, President of the British Bank, and pioneer of the globalist and sympathizer ideals in Hitler’s speeches.

After this global dictatorship  which was imposed on us overnight by the internet giants, I would like to see someone insist that globalism does not exist.

Years ago they would call anyone who accurately predicted the future crazy. Now the crazy ones are those who accurately describe what is happening right in front of their eyes.

Almost everything that is happening now was already described with a fair amount of precision by the 2004 Paul & Phillip Collins book “The Ascendency of the Scientific Dictatorship”, and in its vast bibliography. The pretentious Brazilian social scientists won’t read a word from it because it’s all “conspiracy theory” isn’t it?

In 1961, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned Americans that a techno-scientific dictatorship could one day become their destiny.

Praising and worshiping science instead of simply studying it carefully is the Modus operandi of contemporary Satanism.

I see now, with more certainty then ever, how useful my debate with Professor Dugin was. At the time, he believed that globalism was nothing more than lies told by American national power players. I would rebuttal that it was the opposite: that globalism was trying to destroy American power. I note that the facts, especially the most recent ones, ended up convincing my opponent that I was right.

Olavo de Carvalho
January 2021
Translated by Pedro de Carvalho