Olavo de Carvalho

The New Role Of The Media

The New Role Of The Media, by Olavo de Carvalho

As the media’s authority grows and its reliability decreases, its news function gives way to the spread of clichés and slogans in the service of the New World Order

If the reader is one of those people who, before approving or disapproving, before hating or fearing, before attacking or fleeing, prefer to very modestly understand what is going on, the first favor I ask of you, or rather, the first advice I give you is that you never take as a criterion to measure the veracity or falsehood of what you are going to read in these posts of mine (or in the posts of anyone) the big traditional mainstream print or electronic media in Brazil or anywhere in the world.

The reason for this warning will become very clear over the days, but it does not hurt to summarize it here.

In the course of the past few decades, the ownership of media outlets in all countries has been concentrated in the hands of a few mega billionaire groups, all of whom have been involved in the “New World Order” project up to their necks, and with that, these outlets have radically changed their role in the body of society.

If in the past they existed to inform and opine, competing with each other performing this dual function and underpinning the authority of their opinions in the wealth and variety of informational sections, with the concentration of ownership, competition has become useless and even harmful. The old notion of “scoop” has practically disappeared: what is on in a newspaper (or radio -TV news) goes out on all of them.

Concomitantly, the variety of opinions has been replaced by massive uniformity, which strengthens the group’s authority tremendously, giving the news consensus an air of unquestionable scientific truth (if not divine revelation), as it frees each of these media outlets from all obligation to beat the competition in disputes for greater credibility. The result of this process is clear and visible: the persuasive power of the media increases in direct proportion to its growing and comfortable irresponsibility.

But don’t think that this is the most fearful side of the whole thing. As the media’s authority grows and its reliability decreases, its news function gives way to the spread of clichés and slogans in the service of the New World Order, while, at the same time, the opinion function, in an environment of consensual uniformity that reduces all discussion to a theatrical simulation, it is transformed into a control-of-popular-opinion engineering and, “ipso facto”, into a mechanism of exclusion and censorship of inconvenient facts and ideas.

The masters of the New World Order believe themselves to be a superior race with even more conviction than the Nazis. These did not deny, at least in theory, the human condition of the nations and groups that they oppressed. The NWO men deny it.

The Nazis were nothing original. They started with that superior race conversation at least thirty years after the Milner guy invented a plan to establish world domination of the Anglo-Saxon race. Milner was an evil genius. The Nazis were stupid “monkey see monkey do” people.

Russian communists have also had a plan for world government since Lenin’s time.

The two plans – the Anglo-American and the Russian – worked (kind of) well. We will now see if the superior Chinese race will shove it up their asses.

Olavo de Carvalho
January 27, 2021
Translated by Daniel Bertorelli

A Memorable Failure

A Memorable Failure, by Olavo de Carvalho

The Durban Conference was a farce and a trap. Its failure was the most logical, just, and healthy thing that has happened in international politics in recent years.

The conference never honestly proposed to fight racism and discrimination, aiming instead to exalt those communities that have the opportunistic support of the world’s left, which, at the same time became accomplice, through a criminal silence, of the persecution and violence suffered by politically inconvenient groups.

I’m not talking about Christian and Buddhist religious groups who face genocide in China and Vietnam and to whom the conference turned a blind eye. The mere decision to host the event in South Africa shows the level of cynicism that is present. There, apartheid never ended, it just changed color. Boer farmers are being beaten by the sticks of paramilitary troops, prodded on by the pro-Communist government of Thabo Mbeki. As of last week, 1,118 had already been killed, without a single voice being raised in the government against this “ethnic cleansing.”

The Jewish people are obviously innocent of accusations of racism. They are merely paying for their stupidity. How many Jewish scholars over the years have despised the West, which loved and comforted them, and refused to help those who hated them in return, as much between Israel and the West, as Moses and Christ? Now they have a sample of gratitude from those they protected.

Equally crazy are the Muslims who, in the shared hatred of Israel and the United States, have formed alliances with groups who used to represent bitter enemies as in Russia and China.

Nothing in this world can justify that the sons and daughters of Abraham, in killing each other for whatever purpose, join forces with the offspring of lies. This sin has already cost Christians dearly and is beginning to do the same to Jewish followers. And it is not me who say that tomorrow it will fall on the Muslims. It is the prophet’s voice. Mohammed said: “If your predecessors [Jews and Christians] fall in a pit of serpents, so too will you.

Who can guarantee the Muslims, so enraged with anti-Israel rhetoric today, that a new declaration of the global government will not emerge tomorrow, under the pretext of protecting women or gays, and expose Islam to the world’s mockery, as it does today with Israel, under the pretext of protecting Palestinians?

All these latent contradictions, muffled under the talking heads of the day, are suddenly brought to the light of conscience in the failure of the Durban Conference.

The failure is even more memorable for revealing the conflict between globalism and U.S. national interests, which leftist propaganda has managed to cover up by blaming the U.S. for all the evils of the New World Order. As highlighted by Henry Lamb in his column in World Net Daily, “what the international community really wants is to place the United States under the control of an international authority. Such would be the ‘global village,’ with the United Nations serving as village administrator. The U.S. has already given up more sovereignty to the UN than the U.S. Constitution permits.

Let this serve as an alert, while there’s still time left, to all Brazilian nationalists “enrages” who, believing they are shaking the globalist machine that oppresses us, aim for the U.S.

P.S. This article was ready when the terrorist attacks occurred on September 11. I decided to keep it because it sheds light on the general environment that prepared the ground to the tragedy. The most elucidating point to add is: before the last brick touched the floor, the globalist intelligentsia had already begun pressuring the U.S. not to react, to play nice, and patiently await the decision of the “international community.” It was a psychological war intended to highlight the armed conflict, an effort to take advantage of a dazed victim and encourage further disarmament.

Olavo de Carvalho
Jornal da Tarde, September 13, 2001

Christmas meditation

If there is one obvious thing in the world, it is that Christianity is, in its origin, not a doctrine, but a narrative of miraculous facts. Jesus Himself makes this very clear in Matthew 11:1–6, when asked who He is: “Go and shew John again those things which ye do hear and see: The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up. . . .” If this is the self-definition of Jesus, this is the definition of Christianity: not doctrinal discourse, but a succession of miracles.

But we live in so stupid an age that people, even believers, can no longer conceive what a miracle is: they believe it to be a strange event to which a “divine cause” is attributed for lack of a “scientific explanation.” This idea is absurd. See, for instance, the miracle of Fatima: it gathers together, at a single moment in time, a variety of correlative events—the apparitions, the thousands of cures of diseases, the prophecies confirmed by the course of history, and, lastly, the dance of the sun, seen from hundreds of miles away by people who had not the least idea of the other facts which were taking place simultaneously. A “materialist explanation” would require a non-existing, rigorously impossible superscience, capable of finding a common material cause not only for those various facts of astronomical, medical, and historical orders which constitute the episode, but also for their convergence at that time and place as well as for their accidental coincidence with Christian symbolics and doctrine.

In truth, such is every miracle: it is not a fact that can be cut out in accordance with the standards of such and such an existing or non-existing science, but an inseparable, inexplicably harmonious complex of different facts pertaining to different planes of reality. There can be no “scientific explanation” of miracles prior to their scientific description, and the latter cannot be valid if it begins by severing the very data which it intends to explain. Nevertheless, the mere hypothesis of a future “material explanation,” though problematic and virtually impossible, is often used as a definitive argument to deny at once the miraculous character of well-attested facts. Suppose that it is possible to find a medical explanation for the girl who, cured by Padre Pio da Pietrelcina, sees with no pupils. It would still be necessary to explain the coincidence that this unusual medical fact was one in the sequence of hundreds of other miraculous facts—some similar, some dissimilar—which occurred in the course of one and the same saintly life. For example, the fact that the same priest knew so well the secret life of so many people whom he was seeing for the first time, or, on the contrary, the fact that he appeared in distant places to people who had never heard of him and who afterwards, when they met him, confirmed what he had told them in those apparitions. The veritable, actually existing Padre Pio is the same concrete human being who did all those things, and did them not at isolated, unconnected moments, but in the course of a life consistently dedicated to Him who, in Padre Pio’s understanding, was the Author of those miracles. What is the common nexus between those various facts—between Padre Pio’s Christian discipline, the girl who sees with no pupils, the apparitions from afar, the intimate secrets known at first sight, and so on and so forth? Either you find this nexus, or the “scientific hypothesis” which you have made up to explain one or other isolated detail—existing as such only in your abstract imagination—is of no avail at all. The impotence of materialist science in the face of miracles is not some temporary obstacle that can be removed by future “advances”: it is an insurmountable abyss. Miracles, to begin with the one which we celebrate today, are not ordinary facts temporarily unexplained: they are facts of a specific order, with a recognizable and irreducible internal structure, distinct from the facts accessible not only to this or that materialist science, but even to a utopian articulation of all materialist sciences, existing or to exist.

Olavo de Carvalho
Jornal do Brasil, December 25, 2008
Translated by Alessandro Cota and Bruno Mori