Aristotle in a New Perspective

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Publisher ? : ? Vide (January 1, 2016)
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Aristóteles em Nova Perspectiva: Introdução à Teoria dos Quatro Discursos. 1. Rio de Janeiro, RJ: Topbooks, 1996. 2. Campinas, SP: Vide Editorial, 2013. — Aristotle in a New Perspective: An Introduction to the Theory of the Four Discourses— “Embedded in the works of Aristotle, there is a core idea that has escaped the perception of nearly every reader and commentator from classical antiquity to the present. Even those who have noticed it—and, as far as I know, there have been only two throughout the millennia—restricted themselves merely to noting it in passing, without explicitly ascribing to it any decisive importance for the comprehension of Aristotle’s philosophy. Yet, this idea is the very key to comprehending it—that is, if comprehension is understood as the act of capturing the unity of a man’s thought directly, from his own intentions and values, rather than judging him from the outside; an act that implies carefully respecting that which is unuttered and implicit, instead of suffocating it through idolatrous worship of the reified “text-object,” the tomb of all thought. I will refer to this core idea as the Theory of the Four Discourses. It can be summarized in a single statement: human discourse is a single potency that actualizes itself in four different ways—through poetics, rhetoric, dialectics, and analytics (logic).”