Bonifacio, The Founding Father of Brazil

Director: Mauro Ventura
Release: 2018, Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brazil

Summary: “The documentary of Mauro Ventura presents – more than a biographical report – the formation and development process of the personality of one of the most important Brazilians in history: José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva. The film uses as an investigative axis the “Theory of the Layers of Personality”, by philosopher Olavo de Carvalho, to go beyond what our textbooks usually show. The narrative leads the patriarch’s spectrum in a revisit of his trajectory and adventures seeking to capture the unity of the character’s life by focusing on the centers of attention that prevailed in the various stages of his existence and advancing towards his own fate and transcendence. Bonifácio was a scientist, philosopher, strategist and a war hero; this is the complex character that this production reveals to the public.”

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